entreprenuer video Feb 27, 2017

This is old but still very very good

Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and Bill Gates, Microsoft founder and CEO, treated business students at the University of Washington to a rare public dialogue.

The funny, philosophical and personal conversation between these two business leaders and unlikely friends focused on the things most important to them. Buffett and Gates share an extraordinary appreciation of the qualities that matter most, in work and in life.

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entreprenuer video Feb 23, 2017

He's an American businessman, investor, self-help author, motivational speaker and radio personality.

He's the founder of the Rich Dad Company.

He has an estimated net worth of $80 million.

He's Robert Kiyosaki and here are his Top 10 Rules for Success.

1. Experience makes you smarter
A fourth-generation Japanese American, Kiyosaki was born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii.

2. The more you give, the more you receive
After graduating from Hilo High School in 1965, Kiyosaki attended the United States Merchant Marine Academy in New York.

3. Change the way you think
After graduating from college in New York, Kiyosaki began his career by taking a job with Standard Oil's tanker office. He resigned after 6 months to join the Marine Corps.

4. Focus
He served in the Marine Corps as a helicopter gunship pilot during the Vietnam War in 1972, where he was awarded the Air Medal.

5. Hard times bring new opportunities
Kiyosaki was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in June 1974. He then joined Xerox...

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entreprenuer video Feb 20, 2017

1) Jeff Bezos - Amazon - 0:00
2) Steve Jobs - Apple - 0:12
3) Pierre Omidyar - eBay - 0:33
4) Michael Dell - Dell - 0:59
5) Sergey Brin - Google 1:16
6) Biz Stone - Twitter 1:35
7) Gary Vaynerchuk - Wine Library 1:50
8) Daniel Ek - Spotify - 1:58
9) Kevin Rose - Digg, Tiiny - 2:29
10) James Altucher - 'Choose Yourself' - 2:55
11) Robert Greene - 'Mastery' - 3:21
12) Guy Kawasaki - Apple - 3:35
13) Steve Wozniak - Apple - 4:06
14) Mark Cuban - Broadcast - 4:26
15) Sam Altman - Loopt - 5:01
16) Tony Fadell - Nest - 5:12
17) Danae Ringelmann -Indiegogo - 5:26
18) Simon Sinek - 'Start With Why' - 5:46
19) Seth Godin - Marketing guru - 6:25
20) Evan Williams - Blogger, Twitter, Medium - 6:52
21) Reid Hoffman - LinkedIn - 7:13
22) Jack Dorsey - Twitter, Square - 7:45
23) Kevin Systrom - Instagram - 8:08
24) Drew Houston - DropBox - 8:34
25) Brian Chesky - Airbnb - 8:53
26) Peter Thiel - PayPal - 9:04
27) Elon Musk - Tesla, SpaceX - 9:14
28) Alan Schaaf - Imgur - 9:36
29) Chris Sacca -...

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entreprenuer video Jan 24, 2017

Today I want to talk to you about the dumbest mistakes I made my first year as an entrepreneur.

As I was making a list of all of the dumb mistakes I made, I realized that this episode could have lasted six, seven, or even eight hours, but instead of covering all of them, I'll just share the 12 dumbest mistakes I made my first year as an entrepreneur.

#1: I Almost Quit - 0:22
#2: Trying to Become CEO Too Early - 0:49
#3 Trying to Take Advice from Too Many People - 3:16
#4: Not Knowing How to Ask for Advice - 5:22
#5: Forcing Vs. Influencing - 7:08
#6: Living the Dream Too Early - 8:21
#7 Trying to Sell Too Many Products as an Entrepreneur - 9:54
#8 Thinking I Knew it All - 14:01
#9: Partying Too Hard - 16:07
#10: Acting Like a Boss Instead of an Employee - 18:49
#11: Not Having a Schedule - 20:16
#12: Not Knowing the Value of a Business Plan - 20:59

Those were the 12 dumbest mistakes I made -- there were a lot more! Comment at the bottom to let me know the biggest mistakes you've made, and if...

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An electronics-industry veteran builds a best-selling brand on awesome customer service.

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My name’s Steve Acree. I’m the owner of Seismic Audio Speakers in Memphis, Tennessee.

I started Seismic Audio in 2003. I was 23 years old. I was going to school and waiting tables—literally trying to make beer money for the weekend. I started out selling parts for audio equipment on eBay, and I started making two to three times what I was making waiting tables.

So I started expanding my products and went from 12 items up to 50 items and, next thing you know, I’m through waiting tables—I’m working full-time with selling audio equipment. Within about six months, I’m basically quitting school to make this full-time.

When we got pregnant with our first child, we decided that’s when we really had to make this business work. We really had to see how far I could take it. So in 2007, I expanded to Amazon to see what would happen.

The success was kind of overwhelming. Instantly, within the first three or four days, we probably sold four or...

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My name’s Maggie Umlauf. I’m the CEO of Versaliving.

What started this whole thing, basically, is I read a book by Tim Ferris called The 4-Hour Workweek, and that actually just changed my entire perspective. I was in the military right out of high school. You know, my family has worked blue-collar jobs basically our whole lives. So, this world of starting your own business was just this whole eye-opening experience for me. And I came home and I told my husband—I said, ‘I want to do this. I want to figure out how to do this.’ And he actually laughed at me and said, ‘Um, yeah, honey--everybody wants to do that.’ I was like, ‘Hmmm, challenge accepted.

We have big, active, rowdy dogs, and basically we designed our products for people who are like us—you know, who take their dog in the car, who take their dog to the beach, who go hiking, who go to the dog park, and that sort of thing. So we really focused on making products that could...

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My name is John Derringer. I’m the president of Driven Products, and I was born and raised in Seattle.

When I was younger, I had an old Subaru station wagon that I was taking up snowboarding, and I needed a set of wheels for it, and found a guy on Craigslist that just so happened to have two sets of wheels, so I bought both sets. I put the other set online and sold it at a profit and said, ‘hey, I can make money doing this.’ And repeated that, eventually started buying wheels from the local car dealerships and selling those online, and then just kind of snowballed.

So, in 2008, I started in my dad’s woodshed with 600 bucks. My dad didn’t think it was that great, so [I] moved to Public Storage and then that snowballed. And Public Storage didn’t like me getting freight delivered to Public Storage anymore, so we had to get a real warehouse.

I was still working full-time and had a couple people working for me. My now-fiancée would—bless...

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I’m Tyler Conlin. I’m the owner of gotyourgear.com.

I’m a serial entrepreneur. I own businesses in sporting goods, antiperspirant, ladies’ fashion, trailer parks, storage units, and hammocks. I started out of college. One of my friends said check out this website eBay, and I looked at it and I was like ‘oh my gosh!’ I sold a pair of skis on there, and I remember I sold it for a little bit more than I paid the year before. So I started cleaning out my parents’ garage and selling everything on there.

After I graduated college, I decided to take it to the next level, so I opened up a retail store as a young entrepreneur who thought he knew everything that was going on. Grew that for two years to almost $2 million in business, and then I went bankrupt a few months later after the economy crashed. Just kind of got into too big of a hole to get out of. So I bought a trailer park and sold it, made some money. And with that investment, I got back...

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I’m David Reeder. I’m the president and Founder of Captain Dave, Incorporated. The Captain Dave’s name comes from my history as a sailor. I used to race sailboats. But I also had an ex-wife who liked to think that I would tell everybody what to do. So she kind of coined the phrase ‘Captain Dave.’ We’re an online Army/Navy store.

I came out of corporate America, so I had what I like to call a real job for a long [laugh] time. In the mid-‘90s, someone gave me a copy of Netscape 1.1, and that’s how I got on the Internet. And at some point, I put together a website, just designed to provide free information to people who are preppers and survivalists. And before long, people started asking me for a copy of my catalogue, but I didn’t sell anything.

So, it doesn’t take a dummy to realize by the third or fourth person that asks you for your catalogue, maybe there’s an opportunity to sell something here. So I went out...

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