About Us

Super Seller was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs who share the dream of financial freedom. Long before founding this company we set out to solve a problem for ourselves we wanted both time freedom and financial freedom. We felt that with the power of the internet would could accomplish both. After years of hard work, and lots and lots of trial end error we figured out the simplest way possible to live our goals and achieve our financial dreams.

We were able to build an insanely profitable online business by harnessing the power of Amazon.com. Now it is time to give back, through this website we pass on the knowledge we learned and the secret tools and techniques that set our amazon products above the competition. Our goal is for you to share in the financial freedom we have been able to enjoy. We know it will take dedication and hard work but we also know by following our simple step-by-step instructions you can easily duplicate and even exceed what we have been able to accomplish.